Several ways that motivates us and also make self sufficient to disables. Never compare to other NGOs, we make and become qualified people who are disable and widow or children who have talent of desiging and crafts. You can help them with buying their handmade artistic products.

You can help us by…


By becoming member of Ummeed Foundation through monthly contribution of Rs. 200/- Rs. 500/- etc.

Print Orders

Through placing order for visiting cards, letter heads, & other kind of printing orders.

Cards & Handicrafts

Place order for handmade greeting cards, flowers, diyas.

<< Online Marketing

By giving us work for online marketing of your products through Ummeed Foundation, from which we will have part of profit from your sold out product

 Buy Online >>

By purchasing our online products like,
“Kitab e Zesst ka Unwan Na Hua”
book at

You can also help us in chain system of membership and Through contribution of zakat, sadqa.

FALAQUE Garden Hall & Vincent’s Lawn

Falaque Garden Hall & Vincent’s Lawn in Mumbra is the first achievement for Ummeed Catering Co. It is available on rental basis.
The Main aim is to provide work for disable, needy, and widows so that they can earn on their daily wages. One part profit of this is given to Ummeed Foundation.

Ideal for …

Marriage     Engagement      Events & Parties

Booking Office :

07, Mangal Apartment.
Almas colony, Kausa,
Mumbra, Thane 400612.
Call : +91 – 9619530443
+91 – 9324906743
+91 – 22 – 8898739789
+91 – 22 – 25495975



  • People Capacity 4000 & 5000
  • Generator
  • Park for Children
  • Parking
  • Reasonable Rate

Scan for Contact

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Ummeed Catering Co.

Main aim of this catering co is to provide work to disable, needy persons, and widows, so that they can earn their daily wages.

One part profit of this will be given to Ummeed Foundation.

This catering co. will take all kinds of orders all over Mumbai and Thane city for Marriages, Events, and Canteens etc.

Ansari Tarique
+91 – 9619530443
+91 – 9324906743


Sohail Farid
+91 – 22 – 8898739789

Your One Order Can Change Their Life…

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